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Introducing: Gender Equality Funds
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Invest your values
Individual and institutional investors can align their actions with their values, and take responsibility for the investments they own. Aligning investments with values requires that you know what you own—but if you’re invested through mutual funds, it has been nearly impossible to know what individual companies you own. That’s changed with As You Sow’s Gender Equality Funds. Now, you can harness your personal economic power to confront big business.
Promote gender equality in the workplace
Built for investors who want to make a difference. Our unique dataset can help you ensure your money is making an impact.
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Gender balance
Gender balance

Partnering with Equileap, we analyze the companies inside popular mutual funds and track the gender balance of company leadership and workforce. Each fund gets a gender balance score based on how the companies it invests in stack up on criteria including:

  • The gender balance of the board of directors
  • The gender balance of corporate executives and senior management
  • The gender balance of the overall workforce
  • The gender ratio of management compared to total employees
Policies promoting gender equality
Policies promoting gender equality

Some policies promoting gender equality have become common practice among large companies, but there are still many who lag behind. Each fund gets a score based on whether the companies it invests in have pro-gender equality policies, including:

  • Equal access to training and career development
  • Non-discriminatory recruitment policy
  • Commitment to pay a fair wage to all employees
  • Protections for employees reporting harassment
  • Initiatives to reduce trafficking and human rights risks throughout the supply chain
How to align your investments with your values
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Search for mutual funds and ETFs by name, ticker, or asset manager. We have thousands of the most commonly held U.S. mutual funds in our database.
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See your results. We score each fund based on the gender balance and the policies promoting gender equality of the companies the fund invests in, and compare financial performance to your choice of benchmark.
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Look for socially responsible options that invest in gender equality leaders. Sort and compare to find funds that fit your investing needs.
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Show the results to your financial advisor or retirement plan manager. Talk about how you can align your investments with your values.
Tracking trillions in investments

Gender lens investing isn't just a moral question. Research shows gender diverse companies tend to have better returns and lower risk.

Equal pay and, more broadly, equal opportunities at work are powerful levers to grow global prosperity: they have the potential to take millions of women and their families out of poverty and move us closer to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, as defined by the United Nations. – Equileap, Gender Equality Global Report and Ranking (2017)

Discover which funds are investing in the companies that lead the field in terms of gender balance and policies promoting gender equality. You can make a difference and a return. A growing body of evidence correlates various gender-lens investing criteria with higher financial performance and lower investment risk.

Use Gender Equality Funds to search and compare mutual funds based on their gender-lens score and financial performance. You can use our database to find socially responsible options that meet your specific needs.