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Investing in gender equality
You don't have to be a financial expert to practice gender-lens investing.
Sustainable and responsible investing made easy

Gender Equality Funds is a search platform that enables you to find out if your money, in the form of individual mutual fund investments or an employer-provided 401(k), is invested in companies leading on gender diversity and equality. You can find socially responsible options that prioritize companies with an equal gender balance and strong policies promoting gender equality.

You can help build a more equal world by investing in companies that offer women success in the workplace, without sacrificing returns. A growing body of research correlates various gender-lens investing criteria with higher financial performance and lower investment risk.

Sustainable and responsible investing made easy
Who we are

For more than two decades, As You Sow has been promoting responsible investing. As part of our Invest Your Values program, we've created a series of platforms that provide free analysis and information to help people avoid investments in fossil fuels, weapons, tobacco, and other morally questionable products and business practices.

To build Gender Equality Funds, As You Sow partnered with Equileap, a women-led social venture working to accelerate progress towards gender equality as a vital lever in reducing poverty and inequality.

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Who we are - As You Sow
How Gender Equality Funds works
  • Look up mutual funds, using up-to-date fund data from Morningstar
  • We cross-reference your investments, using Equileap’s company gender equality scores
  • See how funds score on gender balance in leadership and workforce; equal compensation and work life balance; policies promoting gender equality; and commitment, transparency, and accountability
  • Review the financial performance data, and compare to various benchmarks

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Use our action toolkit
  • Learn how to invest your values and get started with gender lens investing
  • Push your employer to provide 401(k) options that rank higher on gender equality
  • Find educational resources on the benefits of gender lens investing

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How Gender Equality Funds works
Find sustainably-invested mutual funds and ETFs

Search for funds from your 401(k), retirement plan, or personal portfolio
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